The Wixarika people

When Elvia and Francicso from the tribe of Wixarika introduced themselves to us designers at a workshop for the Design Week Mexico in Guadalajara this August, I was very touched. Elvia produces all her art handmade - one bag takes 2 months, she sells it for 500$. (Do I have to tell you this is not much?)

So we decided to work together with the Wixarika, develop some products with their designs and donate them for a good cause.


The Wixarika is endangered to slowly die out. There is only around 9.000 Wixarika living in the State of Jalisco. And it’s going down…


One of the reasons is the internet, that shows the young generation new possibilities/ alternatives to live. Another one is that the handmade work takes too much time to produce for the money they earn with it. 

Gathering this knowledge Paprcuts decided to try to help: We produced a limited series of 2 different designs for wallets.

We sell the limited series and donate all the profit which comes with it to a foundation which supports the Wixarika. 

As a crazy comparison you could see those facts:

If the Wixarika would produce a wallet, it would take them about 2 days with the little beadings applicated. Our Paprcuts wallets are also handmade but so much faster to produce.


Our common work is displayed at the Design Week Mexico from 05.10.2016 until 09.10.2016  in Mexico City. Come around and have a look at ours and all the other greatly interesting works which are displayed there.


Thank you for you support to the Wixarika!

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Why is our wallet the best travel-, party- & everyday wallet in the world?

Info Box

Why is our wallet the best travel-, party- & everyday wallet in the world?

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